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The Story of the Rohingya: Imagine Another Way

added October 9th, 2018

Imagine how many thousands of lives could have been saved if Canada had lead an international intervention in the Rohingya refugee crisis before the killing began. Imagine if we had a body in Canada whose specific purpose was to help prevent violent conflict. Imagine a Department of Peace.
The Canadian Peace Initiative recently released the five minute video The Story of the Rohingya: Imagine Another Way, which highlights what Canada could be doing to support international efforts to prevent genocides and mass atrocities. The issues surrounding genocide are complex so this video only focuses on the small but incredibly meaningful role Canada could be playing if it had a Department of Peace to effectively coordinate peace efforts pre-, during, and post-conflict.

The Canadian Peace Initiative is a non-partisan, non-profit organization with an aim to increase the capacity for leadership through peaceful means within the Canadian federal government. The key focus of our work is the proposal for a Department of Peace, a framework that complements our other federal departments, significantly increasing our peacebuilding capacities.