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Thank You to Our Crowdfunding Donors

added May 5th, 2015

Profound appreciation goes to everyone who generously contributed to our recent crowdfunding campaign in 2015. 

89 people contributed a total of $8,728. Details of the use of the funds will be posted here in 2016. 

Thank you Adele Buckley, Alexandra Cleaver, Allison Dunn, Angela Bischoff, Angela Bischoff, Anita Hadley, Ann Mortifee, Anne Caza, Ashok Agarwal, Barbara Birkett, Bill Bhaneja, Bill Rathborne, Bruce Batchelor, Bruce Rosove, Carol Zhong, Chris Cutler, Christina Mills, Christopher Bowers, Claire Charron, Colleen Ring, Denis Farling, Diane Rae, Donald Woodside, Doreen Hunter, Enid Blackwell, Gordon Breedyk, Iman Ibrahim, Inger Hansen, Jane Keeler, Janice Mumford, Jean Cassidy, Jeff Gould, Joanna Wilkinson, John Grogan, Judie Diamond, Katherine McGinnis, Katherine Putt, Kevin Dunn, Kirsty Dunn, Larry Kazdan, Laura Fellman, Lorna Rennie, Lyn Adamson, Lynda MacLean Woodward, Maria McAdam, Marian Pape, Marilyn Goode, Marlyn Bennett, Mary Lunney, Mary-Ellen Francoeur, MC Lessard, Michael Coon, Michael Nickerson, Morgan Callison, Nicole Charron, Paul Maillet, R & D Daniels, Rizwan Gehlen, Sandy Mayzell, Sheila Poole, Stan Olsen, Steve Christie, Susan Gingell, Susan Koncan, Suzanne Laroque, Suzanne Stocker, Tanis Moore, Tara Leduc, Yao Daniel Konan, Yvonne Haist. Some chose not to have their name recorded here, but they are nevertheless profoundly thanked.

Liberal Convention Passes Motion Calling for Governmental Institution for Peace

added April 6th, 2014

We are very encouraged by the passage of the following motion at the 2014 Liberal National Convention (held February 20–23):

BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada urge the next Liberal government of Canada to establish a governmental institution for peace with a mandate that includes the creation of a permanent Canadian Civilian Service of professionally trained men and women working for (i) the prevention of violent conflict and war, and (ii) the non-violent resolution of conflict at every level of society, both within Canada and overseas, through such means as:

  • detection of early warning signs
  • structured mediation
  • non-violent intervention
  • protection of human rights
  • humanitarian and development assistance
  • citizen diplomacy

Global Alliance Summit Reflects Growing Importance & Reach of the Initiative

added October 12th, 2013

Three delegates from the Canadian Peace Initiative (Saul Arbess, Penelope Joy and Furquan Gehlen) attended the Sixth Global Summit of the Global Alliance for Ministries and Infrastructures for Peace, held in Geneva, Switzerland, September 16–20, 2013, to call for the establishment of civil society and government institutions supporting a culture of peace. (For more information, visit The Summit represented a collaboration with the International Civil Society Network for Infrastructures for Peace.

Four countries already have national government ministries of peace: Solomon Islands, Nepal, Costa Rica, and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea. Many more have networks of local and regional peace councils and other systems in civil society and government dedicated to transforming conflict and preventing violence.