the Canadian Peace Initiative :: a Campaign to Establish a Federal Department of Peace

Welcome to the Canadian Peace Initiative.

We are a nonpartisan, non-profit organization with an aim to increase the capacity for peace building within the Canadian federal government.

The key focus of our work is the proposal for a Department of Peace, a framework that complements our other federal departments, significantly increasing our peace-building capabilities. Similar departments already exist in three other countries. On this website you'll find an in-depth description of how this concept works, two Bills which have already passed First Readings in the House of Commons, a list of numerous supporters in government and beyond, and details on how you can support this initiative.

Join one of Canada’s most dynamic citizen campaigns. Canada has a greater role to play in reducing the mass suffering and death caused by war, terrorism, and violence — whether domestically or around the world. Join us in demanding that our government establishes a Department of Peace.